• Intuitive Acupuncture

    Your body has the extraordinary ability to heal itself. The ancients knew this, and designed powerful modalities that restore harmony and balance to the body, so that it can do what it’s meant to do: HEAL. GROW. THRIVE.

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  • Distant Energy Healing

    What are you carrying in your energy body that is preventing you from living your best life?

    Do you want a life with more love, joy, lightness, creativity and purpose? Negative emotions and trauma experiences leave wounds creating stagnation and pain in your body.

    What are you holding that can be released?

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Pelvis Wellness: Center for Holistic Health

Acupuncture Located in the East Bay of San Francisco, CA in Lafayette.

Whether you are dealing with ongoing pain, hoping to gain clarity and peace around nutritional and emotional issues, I’m devoted to helping you live the life you desire and deserve.  At Pelvis Wellness, I will:

  • listen to your concerns and challenges with a compassionate ear
  • teach you about your body’s specific nutritional needs
  • balance and restore your body’s energy systems through a variety of methods including traditional acupuncture, energy healing and essential oils
  • alleviate stress and self-judgement that hinder your body’s optimal performance 

Join me on a journey of healing and self-care that will transform your life into one of wellness, clarity, and fulfillment. 

Pelvis Wellness – Acupuncture in the East Bay Area


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Acupuncture & Energy Healing


Fertility and Reproductive Wellness Care-min

Pelvis Wellness Method™

Carine combines intuition, acupuncture, abdominal bodywork, energy healing, essential oils and esoteric healing techniques into her signature customizable sessions known as the Pelvis Wellness Method Sessions. These sessions are filled with the intention to guide people to heal their hearts to mend their emotional and physical pains. 


Women's Health

Carine Camara

My Story

Hello and Welcome! I’m Carine Camara founder of the Pelvis Wellness Method™ specializing in holistic health. My method is the utilization of intuition, acupuncture, abdominal bodywork, energy healing and essential oils in individualize transformative sessions. I’m passionate about helping you improve your quality of life, so that you can focus on fulfilling your goals and living your best life.

As a partner on your healing journey, I have a very personal approach to my practice. Depending on what is needed in the moment, I utilize several distinct modalities and alternative techniques so that each session is unique, powerful, and effective.

Since my graduation from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I have been working side-by-side with acupuncture masters such as Dr. Mikio Sankey (esoteric acupuncture) and various teachers and mentors to enhance my practice and give my patients the best care they deserve. In this way, I myself never stop healing, growing, and thriving.


An appointment with Carine is more like a visit with a friend. She truly incorporates the whole health practice of Spirit, Mind and Body!

I have been a patient with Carine for a year. Post micro discectomy surgery from a sports injury, I suffer from sciatic nerve pain in my leg due to some scar tissue irritating the sciatic nerve. This causes excruciating calf cramps in the middle of the night. Carine is a very attentive, caring and involved practitioner. In addition to my back and calf pain, Carine has helped me manage stress better and even prevented Gall Bladder surgery! She has help me improve my diet and I have not felt better in years!


I had an absolutely amazing remote healing session with Carine in which she very precisely tuned into the exact emotional and spiritual issues I had been dealing with.

I felt loved and supported through the entire session as she worked on me. Near the end she shared the information she’d received. Everything made sense, confirmed my own experience, and provided me with useful steps and extremely helpful insights. Carine, I can’t thank you enough for so lovingly and powerfully sharing your gifts!  You are wonderful!


Carine Camara’s healing work is as powerful as it is gentle.

Every time that I’ve seen her, I’ve been blown away by her ability to simultaneously calm and energize my body. She is able to truly tap into what my body needs, and is always so willing to go to the heart of an issue. The depth and range of her knowledge, both medically and practically, are truly exceptional, and her compassionate insight always shows me so much about myself.

No matter what I’m going through, Carine always makes me feel better – physically, emotionally, and mentally.

I recently had a remote energy healing session with Carine, and I was a little astounded that at the end of the session I felt similar in my body as I do after I receive acupuncture from her – which is calm, relaxed, energized, and happy. In addition, she gave me so much information in that session, that even now, weeks later, I’m still learning from her insights. Carine is truly THE BEST!


My sessions with Carine are nothing short of wildly magical and deeply healing.

I’ve worked with her in a remote capacity am I am in awe Julof the depth of wisdom and power in her remote healing. I started my first session feeling anxious from my workday and within minutes of the healing work, I had a powerful and visceral experience of the knots and congestion around my heart loosening up and releasing. I could feel the ease of my breath moving through my body and releasing stress. I quickly entered a deep and calming meditative state for the rest of the session. When the energy healing was complete, Carine gently brought my attention back to a fully awake state so she could share what she was seeing and the work she was doing on me. The precision of her diagnosis and understanding of what is happening in my body on an energetic and physical level is fascinating and always spot on – she’s truly an energetic surgeon! I also love the practical instructions and advice she gives me to help integrate the healing work to achieve sustained energetic health and inner peace. Working with Carine is truly an amazing gift!


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