My Story

Hello There!

I’m proud of my 8 years of practicing acupuncture and Chinese medicine on the West Coast.  My practice has evolved with me to include more than my initial foundation of needlework and herbs.  In addition to graduating from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2010, I am a trained nutritional coach, and an Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Therapist.

My Own Healing Journey:

My personal experience with the body’s own healing power is what motivated me toward my journey of Eastern medicine.

After years of struggling with digestive issues, acne, menstrual pain, headaches and chronic fatigue, I was surprised that by merely changing my diet, I was able to resolve all of my health concerns.

My true ah-ha moment arrived one day when my gynecologist suggested I have surgery to remove a painful cyst on my right ovary. Reluctant to put my body under such trauma, I postponed the surgery for two months, to see if I could dissolve the cyst with proper nutrition and alternative medicine.

After two months of consistent acupuncture sessions, Chinese herbal formulas and a modified diet, my cyst completely disappeared and I no longer needed surgery.  And so began my lifelong passion to help others experience the miraculous healing potential of their own bodies.

Who is Carine Camara?

I am a New York City gal, born and raised in Manhattan.  As the eldest daughter of Guinean parents, my childhood was a mix of traditional West African values and singing and dancing to Michael Jackson songs on MTV.

Out here on the West Coast, I’ve discovered the country girl within.  I love being physically active through yoga, dance and hiking. I also enjoy nature, growing my own food, and stargazing on quiet nights.

Wanna talk to me about your health and life goals?

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